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Make It Work

Chicisimo Blogettes Summer Party

The fabulous Chicisimo team is throwing a summer party tomorrow, August 16, and you’re invited!  Dress code is casual, and of course, chic.  Send a picture of what you plan to wear or a link to an outfit you’ve already posted on your blog to the lovely Maria at  Don’t be late and send in your picture before tomorrow.  I’ll be attending.. hope to see you there!

Chicisimo Blogettes Summer Party2

So the great thing about moving is finding things you haven’t seen or may have temporarily lost.  Cyndi Lauper CD – was lost but now found.  Let the overplaying of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” start up again.  I also found several pairs of neglected and unworn shoes.  Score.

Since my shoes are all out of hiding, I thought I’d share with you some of my daily choice footwear.

ShoesColin Stuart studded booties

Shoes2Vintage ankle buckle boots & Steve Madden boots

Shoes3Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Booties & Dolce Vita Phoenix sandals

Shoes4Vintage Cole Haan shoes & Vintage black and white lace-up boots

Shoes5Topshop Aztec studded boots

Shoes6Urban Outfitters canvas wedges

Shoes7Urban Outfitters boots & Vintage denim shoes

Shoes8Jeffrey Campbell Mel shoes

Shoes9Carlos Santana shoes

Shoes10Steve Madden booties & Nine West lace shoes

Without being able to splurge on high-end designer shoes due to my lack of funds, I make do with what I have and am always on the hunt for vintage finds.  I practically wear my vintage Justin Roper boots any chance I get.  In the famous sentiments of T.G., “Make it work.”

Thanks so much for bearing with me during my absence.  I’ll get back to everyone’s comments this week and can’t wait to catch up on all of your blogs!


Yes, I love Jeffrey Campbell

So I have this love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes which has been chronicled on here.  It began with my first JC purchase — the amazing Jeffrey Campbell Biz Bootie — which I basically had to stalk everyday until it came back in stock.  It was a semi-rollercoaster of emotions that began with finding out it was sold out everywhere, and being bummed, to then finding them in my size on and being uber overjoyed.  Then came my Jeffrey Campbell Mel shoes, which I absolutely love… love them so much that I plan to wear them to my friend’s wedding next month who wants to borrow them!  They instantly glamorize any outfit you’re wearing.  And next up came the Doo Lace-up shoes, which have the softest leather ever.  BTW, next time you buy your own pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, peep the bottom of the box.  You will be surprised at what you find… and intrigued at the same time.

So thank you Jeffrey Campbell for making such amazing shoes and the excellent shout-out on your blog!  You’re right, I am obsessed!

Jeffrey Campbell Blog

And since I think the Jeffrey Campbell Biz Bootie was one of my most amazing purchases ever because it’s comfy, versatile and how can you really go wrong with multi-buckles(?), they are now available (for $20 cheaper than what I paid) at Nasty Gal.  Check them out, and you won’t be disappointed.  Bonus is that they have half sizes.  When I got mine, there were no half sizes and I went with a 9 when I wear an 8.5, but I’d say they still fit true to size.

And no, I didn’t get paid to state my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes. When I see a good thing, I like to share it with everyone else.  Think good karma. When you do a nice thing for others, granted, we’re talking about shoes here, I’d like to think that the world will look out for you.  OK, I’m stopping my BS talk now.

BTW, speaking of Nasty Gal, I just bought this amazing 80’s off-the-shoulder bandage dress that has puckered velvet fabric!  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a computer, or only had limited access to it because I wouldn’t check my favorite online shopping sites so often.

Pucker Up Bandage DressImage via Nasty Gal

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!  I’m headed to the American Apparel rummage sale tomorrow, so hopefully I come out with some good stuff.  Gotta love digging through piles of stuff to find that one gem… or soft V-neck tee!  UPDATE: Lame is sending an email out wide the evening before about your rummage sale with a start time of 10am, only to arrive at said start time and there is one person working at the store.  Without apologies, the sale would start by noon since there was no one else working there.  People were annoyed.  Lamer is the fact that you have to pay for parking around this location and I feel lame for waking my ass up to go over there early on a Saturday morning.  So I didn’t stay because I’d have to pay more for parking and was over it.  But I still love American Apparel, just not this one particular location.  Anyway, the Melrose store is way nicer.  End of Saturday rant.


What the Eff Frederick’s

Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick's of Hollywood ShoesImages via Frederick’s of Hollywood

So I don’t shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood, but who knew they sold daytime dresses (in addition to predictable looking club wear)?  I attempted to find any piece of clothing that I remotely liked to post as a sample of their offerings, but failed.  If anything, the shoes and accessories above are my choice likes.

Recently, I’ve been hooked on fingerless gloves and so when I saw the Chainlink Glovelets, I was immediately drawn to them.  I don’t wear thigh highs, but if I did, I’d pick up the Zippered Jersey ones because well, I like anything with full-length zippers these days… a la my American Apparel zipper leggings.  The Waist Cincher is an amazing stand-in for a belt and can be thrown on oversized t-shirts or a boyfriend plaid shirt just like Ashley Olsen had worn.

Ashley Olsen

Then we get to the shoes, and they are way cheap.  I only liked the ones above because I’m a fan of ankle cuffs.  Of course, they offer the gladiator all-the-way-up-your-leg sandals, along with a pair of over-the-knee boots.  But I’ll pass on those.

After getting over my amazement with Frederick’s non-lingerie wear, I clicked on over to, which has become part of my daily routine.  Bought the items below.



Admittedly, I’m modest about showing off too much skin, but I took a chance and got the Cut out Bodycon dress.  Plus, it’s cheaper than the Stylestalker version.  The zebra bodysuit will be my first bodysuit since wearing them circa early 90’s?  They were all the rage back then, but now I just hope I don’t end up with a wedgie when I wear this one.  Love the shape of the quilted chain tote because it reminds me of the bags I used to wear back in junior high.  And I love angel wings, so I picked up the belt too.  Of course it’s now available in a pretty coral color the day after I buy the gray one.

Dear Topshop, why must you constantly update your site with amazing new things after I make a purchase.  I’m not a fan of your flat $15 shipping fee either.  Can we work on that?  UPDATE: Topshop must have read my mind because now shipping is $10 during June!

And thank you for all the kind comments below!  Isn’t it amazing how a simple compliment can totally lift you up and make your day?  I take joy in the little things in life, and they definitely made my day, so muchas gracias!


Chains with Benefits

Cages_Nordstrom Shrug

Cages_Nordstrom Shrug2James Lillis Cages. Nordstrom shrug. Top from random Melrose boutique. Steve Madden shoes. Vintage fingerless gloves via Nasty Gal

My ridiculously amazing James Lillis Cages arrived!  They are really stunning and fit great.  The chains aren’t too heavy that the leggings are uncomfortable either, which just rounds out my happiness with them.  Did I mention these are also available with silver chains?  Since gold has taken over my daily jewelry wear, I went with the gold chains.  To show off the versatility of these leggings, I styled them in three different ways.  This first look is more of a going out type of outfit.  Yes, I added even more metallic shine with the speckled gold top and studded shoes.

Cages_HM Blazer

Cages_HM Blazer2James Lillis Cages. H&M blazer. American Apparel tank. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Booties. Forever 21 chain necklace

For the second look, I decided to take it down a notch and go for a more casual chic look with the addition of the blazer and my favorite pair of multi-buckle booties.

Cages_Topshop boots

Cages_Topshop boots2James Lillis Cages. H&M jacket. Arden B. top. Topshop boots

For the third look, I just wanted to throw in some color a la this jacket and my Topshop studded boots.  Yes, upon first glance, these leggings are way out there, but I plan to throw on an over-sized white tank or one of my American Apparel V-neck shirts for a casual look.  These are definitely a fun addition to my wardrobe because I get to experiment and style them in a number of ways.  BTW, head over to James Lillis’ blog to learn about his other amazing leggings and unique, new creations!



holy amazingnessJames Lillis CagesImage via James Lillis

These Cages by Australian designer James Lillis are so ridiculously amazing and original.  Wondering if they’d be uncomfortable to wear while sitting down for a massive time period.  Will they be restrictive to walk in?  Also, do they look like they’d be hard to wiggle on and off?

Oh, wait, I can answer these questions.  They’ll be in my possession in about two weeks!

I’ve already begun to brainstorm on what to pair with these babies.  Pics will definitely follow.  On a sidenote, but relating to choice links, I am lusting over the Bliss Lau Riot Bracelet:

bliss-lau-riot-braceletImage via Bona Drag


Flea Marketing

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Rose Bowl Flea Market2UO men’s flannel. Angel dress. Dolce Vita sandals

Yesterday Mel and I hit up the enormous Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA, on the hunt for some vintage scores.  It was our second time venturing out to the market after semi-swearing off we’d ever return.  During that initial time, we got way overwhelmed, dizzy and probably stayed for less than two hours.  But I was determined to find vintage floral minis, combat boots, oxfords and rhinestone bib necklaces.  As soon as we arrived, we skipped the antiques, and inherently the jewelry (bummer), and headed straight to the clothing and shoe vendors.  We scoured through the clothes, but I failed at finding any floral mini dresses and instead, got sidetracked by the shoes.  Cheap shoes.  Yes, it sucked lugging those bags around for a good three hours, and that was before I added the last two pairs.

Rose Bowl Flea Market shoes

Rose Bowl Flea Market boots

Admittedly, I’ve never been a shoe person until really maybe a few months ago.  These are also my first vintage shoe purchases ever, and so I kind of went overboard by buying seven pairs.  Besides scoring cheap, maybe twice worn Cole Haan shoes (last pair on the right in the second row), which Mel said reminded her of the 90’s (yes!), the other standouts were these Buskens ankle boots with the gold ball studs and side buckles and the Justin Roper boots.  I’ve been online stalking Etsy for Justin Roper boots, and never found anything in my size.  These babies are in amazing vintage condition without any scuff marks, and I will be tempted to wear them everyday.


Pink's hot dogs

Pink's nachos and fries

After melting in the heat and failing to find a vendor that sold nachos, we headed to Pink’s Hot Dogs, a Los Angeles staple that never fails to have a line at all hours.  I mean we’ve even gone to this place at 10am just to avoid a line, and there was still a short line!  Mel and I both got the Martha Stewart dog — 10″ stretch dog with relish, onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut and sour cream (we passed on the sour cream).  It was yummy, but something that you can’t have everyday because well, these pictures scream unhealthy eating.  Nonetheless, it was a great way to end a fab weekend!

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