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Give My Best To Kate

Oh how I wish I was back east to hit up Topshop’s U.S. opening/hoopla in NYC on Thursday.  Cannot wait to go there in June!


Fringe blazers and leggings + Sequin minis and boyfriend blazers = LOVE



Loving the suede drape dress with the zipper outline details; chain scarf and these choice bags.

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New York’s Topshop Opening – a Survival Guide

Emily Rotberg: How can first-timers make the most of the grand opening? Here’s our survival guide to Britain’s most hectic fashion store.

• Bring reinforcements, ideally two disinterested parties – one to wait in fitting-room queues while you riffle through the rails of itty-bitty Kate Moss frocks, and another to stand with arms ready to catch said frocks as you hurl them over the heads of your competitors. Fellow shoppers, that is.

• Pack earplugs. The carefully cultivated pop-hipster atmosphere tends to assert itself through an eardrum-bursting soundtrack.

• Wear layers, or leave your shame at home. Anyone lacking the aforementioned queue assistant will be in for a long, long wait for the fitting rooms. Far more efficient, then, to find a discreet corner, strip, and try on your super-skinnies in full view of the women who wish they’d thought of it first.

• Don’t be afraid to push. They’re not your friends, just a horde of Alexa Chung imitators. And if they are your friends … why did you bring them?

• The sales assistants do not exist to “assist” you. Rather, they are present to demonstrate how to wear a £10 shoelace as a headband. Nothing betrays novice Topshop status like asking for help. Don’t be that girl.

• Grab everything. Even if you’re not sure you like it – because later, when you see someone else trying on that neon leopard-print playsuit and begin to think that it might be just the thing for an ironic day at Coney Island/Central Park picnic, there’s no way you’ll be able to find it.

• When in doubt, imitate the English – balance clashing prints with black opaques, and just when you think the outfit is perfect, throw a nubby cardigan on top.

• To beat the crowds, shop online. It’ll leave more space for the rest of us.

© Guardian News & Media 2008
Published: 3/30/2009


Holy Inappropriateness

peekaru5Ok, this is somewhat style-relevant.  Yesterday, I wrapped my cold self in a cozy, navy oversized sweater (will need to post a pic later), and got some flack that it looked like a Snuggie.  Trust me, it doesn’t!  Well, today, Glamour blogged about what appears to be a pseudo baby snuggie, but it’s actually the Peekaru.  So wrong on a plethora of levels.  Can you imagine seeing a woman walking down the street with her baby’s face barely peeking out from a hole?  Unfortunate for the mom, but poor kid probably feels claustrophobic.  And there’s nothing wrong with the Snuggie, but things like this just shouldn’t be allowed for public consumption.  End of random rant for today.



bebe-dress That’s my lame-ass attempt at posting a semi-glam shot of myself. FAIL. Anyway, I’m part of the Total Beauty ‘Beauty Squad’ (alias: BecOnBeauty), and I just started reviewing products. Weighing the pros and cons for buying a product? Then I suggest checking out the multitude of reviews on Total Beauty. I used to avoid online shopping like the plague for the fear of having to return everything, but I love sites that allow folks to post reviews. So key. Sidenote, I’m wearing a Bebe dress that yes, looks like a garbage bag with the shine. It’s stiff too, and at an XXS, I can barely breathe in it. I’ve only worn it once for New Years ’07. This has slowly become a trend of me buying dresses and realizing that two years later, I’ve worn them once. How sad.



Double Trouble

So I’m a twin.  Mel and I are fraternal twins to be exact.  And as I’m looking through old baby pics, I had this (over-analyzing) revelation.  We were deprived of our own individual fashion identities when we were younger!  Peep the evidence below.










Dig the mushroom hair cuts?  Gotta love the 80’s.  Ok, so maybe we were deprived of 5 or 6 years of our individualism on the surface, but I think we’re making up for those lost years now.  Hope you got a good laugh at seeing these.


Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

I hate bargaining. I hate knowing that I’m being ripped off when a seller is telling me to pay nearly $300 for a (pretty lightweight) silver cuff bracelet. C’mon, I do enough scouring on the Web and shopping for jewelry on that I know what’s a fair price for a piece of silver. Anyway, the only thing I bought for myself in Playa del Carmen was this silver ring. When I first saw it, I immediately thought of the Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James knuckle brass ring.



elizabeth-and-james-ringObvi, this is sold out everywhere, but I randomly found it on (size 6 only).  UPDATE: There must have been only one in stock because I just checked online, and now it’s  sold out.

Honestly, trying to bargain with the vendors sometimes takes way too much effort. I think that’s partially why I didn’t really buy anything, plus I had to save up dough for the items I’ve been lusting after pre-Mexico. Here are some pics I took during our many shopping excursions.






stuffed-animalsI know these are handmade, but I’d never drop $20 on some scary looking, not soft/squishy (because I tried punching one, “probably filled with drugs” – Er) stuffed animals. Plus, my Freddy Miguel wouldn’t approve of these if I ever brought one home. Yes, I named my stuffed animal monkey Freddy Miguel.


Viva Mexico!

Back from Playa del Carmen and had a great time! Though now I am really tan and kind of scare myself every time I look in the mirror.




playa-del-carmen2I ended up wearing a lot of headbands and pulling my hair back because the bangs were not cooperating in the steamy weather. Glad I found those red French Connection sunglasses because they went with nearly everything I brought. For the most part, I stuck with my usual staples from Urban, H&M and American Apparel.



victoria-secret-suitSo these are all new bathing suits I bought for the trip. I surprisingly found the first two in Everything But Water. I never shop there, but stopped in on a whim and love the suits I got. Of course, the salesgirl was a tad annoying because she kept having me try on random crap.. like I was really going to buy a $168 cover-up and some black flip flops.. but she did find me the cranberry Red Carter suit. I told her I love me some tiered ruffles and poof, got this suit. The black ABS by Allen Schwartz suit has great details with small rosettes lining the top and sides of the bottoms. Both suits have a removable strap as well. I like the color combo and checkered trim of the Victoria Secret suit, which is even more non-spenny now because it’s on sale. The VS stores have finally begun to carry some of the swimsuits they sell online, which has been long overdue considering the great selection at affordable prices. Stay classy Mexico.


Spring Breakin’

Off to play in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Hasta luego!


bec-outside-of-police-station2This was the last time I was in Mexico… Rosarito, to be exact. Ryan got pulled over by a cop and we were waiting for him outside the policia station. Awesomeness. I know, my sunglasses are freakin huge. They’re prescription Gucci and after wearing them for 10 min., leave deep, painful nose marks. I’m on the hunt for some new shades after I get back.


My last true Spring Break was Acapulco ’02. Here we are at Hooters (ha!) watching Maryland kick ass during the Tourney en route to being Champs.

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