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This has all been wonderful, but now I’m on my way.

Image via Is This Real Life?

Inspired after seeing Tallulah Morton, I had a field day with my scissors and below is the result.

DIY t-shirt and shorts. Urban Outfitters cardigan. Zara vest. Vintage boots

Cutting the small holes was a bit time consuming, but after two hours and a few episodes of bad reality TV, I whipped this bad boy up.

I’m all about fringe again and instead of making the usual cutoff shorts, decided to cut fringe strips into an old pair of jeans.  I’ll have to experiment with this more when I have time and see how they look after I throw them into the washer.

I’ll be MIA over the next few days and heading out of town to San Francisco.  Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve/Day.

THANK YOU for making the last 9 months (since I started this blog) an amazing ride.

See you in 2010!

xoxo, Becs


‘Tis the season to be merry

Thanks to everyone who played along and sent me their pics! You all look fabulous!

The fabulous Cath & Laur from AsianCajuns

Love Cath’s faux fur hat and Laur’s sweatshirt has a sweet built-in collar.

My twinny, Mel, from Wrecked Stellar wearing her vintage cape over an Alexander Wang romper.

Super cute Lauren & Dana (love the hair accessories!)

JoLee & Jeff looking adorable in their sweaters (and turtlenecks)

Sylvia from Chaotic Cookie rocking a dude’s sweater.  Ha, love it.

Neekoh from LiveLoveLA looking cute (despite the chocolate fondue stain :)) and her friend in the pretty green, GotGame

Gorg Ilanka from Fashionnerdic in her H&M gray dress on Christmas Day

My brahs, Jake Ryan & Farmer Ted (Image via The Daily Green)

Thanks for the gifts, MKO (my fav).

Pixie Geldof rocking her sweater (Image via Life)

Heidi and Adriana brought Santa with them. (Image via Life)

Happy holidays!

xoxo, Becs


I’m a plane in the sunset with nowhere to land

Deena & Ozzy Felt Top Hat via Urban Outfitters. H&M lace bodysuit

I’ve never personally been big on hats, but considering my two daily hairstyles fluctuate between a low, (partially) side bun and letting my hair air dry straight (don’t use a blow dryer), I thought a hat would be a strong third option to throw into the mix.  Bought this hat from UO yesterday and I’m pretty much in love with it.

As if this week couldn’t get any better, I’m featured in this month’s Style Stalker post on WhoWhatWear!  More pics from my leopard print shorts look are here.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my new hair color!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

xoxo, Becs


Change is my best friend

Billabong vest via Urban Outfitters blazer & skirt. American Apparel tee. Varga necklace. Steve Madden shoes

Inspired by this post from the fabulous Alixrose regarding how to spruce up your everyday blazer look, I decided to throw on my gray suede-like fringe Billabong vest over a cropped UO blazer.  I’m a fan of layering vests under blazers, but I’ve never tried wearing one over them.

Conclusion: I like the look.  It’s a simple fix to transform your typical blazer ensemble.

BTW, when most people are dying their hair darker for the winter, I decide I want to go lighter.  Always a constant in my life that makes things exciting, Change is definitely one of my best friends.

Have a fabulous weekend!  xo, Becs


Rejects: The Best of the Best

Faux fur vest (DIY cutoff sleeves). Urban Outfitters t-shirt and jeans. Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Booties. Stacey Lapidus headband

Nordstrom jacket. Forever 21 dress. Vintage boots. Bebe belt

Urban Outfitters men’s shirt. American Apparel dress. Steve Madden booties

H&M faux fur jacket. Silence & Noise corset and jeans via Urban Outfitters. Topshop boots. Varga necklace

Zara vest. Urban Outfitters top and boots. American Apparel leggings

These old photos are from the cutting room floor.  I thought it would be fun to show you some of the “rejects” among my outfit photos.  I don’t claim to know what the hell I’m doing when it comes to posing, and thus, many go unpublished due to fug/bad/unbearably cheesy facial expressions.  This is the reason I try to smile in most of my pictures.

And apparently, I’m a fan of the ‘cross your legs’ pose.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week.  Please don’t forget to join in on my virtual ugly Christmas/Holiday sweater party!  Details are HERE.

xoxo, Becs


Giveaway Winner Announced

Congrats Dana!

You are the future owner of the SAUCE studded pocket tee!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  Unfortunately, I did not win the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, but thank you to for teaming up with me for the giveaway.

Thanks to the lovely Allie from Materialist who gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award.

1. Thank/Link the person who nominated you for this award;
2. Copy the award and place it on your blog;
3. Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself;
4. Nominate 7 bloggers and post theirs links.

I’m passing this award on to these fabulous ladies:
Clare at Clarabelle
Jillian at Nova Style
Sylvia at Chaotic Cookie
Ilanka at Fashion-nerdic
Antonia at Live Glam Or Die
My 7 “interesting” facts:

1.  I check out these shopping sites on a daily basis:  Topshop, Oak NYC, 80’s Purple, Pixie Market and MyCatwalk.

2.  I used to have really heavy blonde highlights.

Back in ’05

3.  I own more men’s plaid button down shirts than women’s.  Case in point, I’m wearing one in this post and the one below.

4.  My parents almost named me Sarah.

5.  For all the newcomers to my blog lately (thanks so much!) who may not know this, I’m a fraternal twin.  Mel’s blog is HERE.

6.  Long-term goal in life is to write a movie screenplay and have it sold.  I have the idea; I just need to find time to begin writing it.

7.  If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be linguine with white clam sauce.  I heart carbs.

I’m behind on getting back to comments, but will be getting back to everyone by the end of this week.  As always, thanks so much for your sweet notes!

xoxo, Becs


Point me in the right direction

Funktional velvet blazer via Nasty Gal. Urban Outfitters men’s Stapleford Buffalo Work shirt. Jeffrey Campbell Carry boots. Topshop bag. Vintage watches

Oh dear Monday, how I loathe thee.  When I was younger and asked the random question about which super power I’d like to have, it was always the same — to fly.  If asked today, I’d want to have the power to freeze time.  Is it me or does it feel as if time is just whizzing by?  In the famous words of Jessie Spano from “Saved by the Bell”:

“There’s no time! There’s never any time!”

OK, end of daily rant.  I’m still feeling blazers/tops/sweaters with structured shoulders.  Since I’m petite, anything that gives me a proportional boost, including in the shoulders, is a plus.  Scored huge with this Funktional velvet blazer from Nasty Gal and can’t wait to next pair it with a bodycon dress/skirt.

The Jeffrey Campbell Carry boots are still available via Click HERE to see how I first wore these OTK boots with a casual dress.

If you’re on Chictopia, friend me!  I’m trying to post more often on there.  Thanks to everyone who’s entered my giveaway! The winner will be selected tonight with a post to follow shortly!

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